MBME - robust, adaptable solutions.

MBME Solutions meet a variety of self-service requirements across all industry sectors. Our team’s worldwide knowledge of kiosks, payment, security and user acceptance are channelled to offer a high-class service to all our partners. We work closely with each of our clients to understand their customers and business focus to provide an intuitive, interactive and convenient solution that enhances business goals.

MBME solutions are continuously enhanced by our team to ensure all the latest approvals and technologies are adopted. With an established client base across a range market sectors, MBME offers proven services and bespoke solutions specifically tailored to your requirements to deliver customer engagement for your business.


We engage knowledge driven hardware specialists and worldwide kiosk manufacturers ensuring the optimum levels of consistent quality, reliability and maintainability for all our hardware solutions.

MBME hardware solutions are designed to provide each of our clients with the complete package and peripheral set targeted to their requirements.

Whatever your self-service requirement, we can provide the right solution for you. Selecting the correct hardware provides the basis of your full solution allowing your services to sit within a structure that is both aesthetically and securely created. By partnering with the best-in-field hardware professionals we match ROI goals and customer requirements to create a complete solution that is the correct fit to your business.

Software design and development

Providing a turn-key solution for software application design and development, MBME Services are built on our team’s extensive industry experience. Our software team has a worldwide knowledtge of payment solutions and self-service applications mapped against strict security protocol across all fields.

We are dedicated to achieving the optimum output for our clients and our team will work closely with you to identify your targets and create solutions to deliver your requirements successfully.

Spending quality time at the project outset can save time and increase the output from your self-service solution. Creating a solid project scope and application framework at the initial stages will ensure you effectively achieve your project goals and meet your customer’s needs.

Bespoke solutions

We pride ourselves in our core services and can tailor these to your individual requirements to provide a customised solution taking your business to the next level. Transforming manual processes and payments to create a streamlined, user friendly, self-service solution that is bespoke to your business needs.

We will work with you to compliment your team and current business processes to enhance your service goals and attract new customers.

Offering dedicated solutions for your single service or combining several services in a single kiosk, MBME solutions have revolutionised our client’s approach to self-service.

MBME offers a range of tiered options that are adaptable and flexible to your business goals. Our various levels of managed services allow you to take as much or as little control of the project as you desire - from start to finish. Our innovative approach to self-service combines our trusted expertise to offer all our clients the best solutions to their goals.



Support systems are the core of any kiosk network.

Without a heartbeat

  • Our kiosks would not function
  • Our customers could not access services
  • Our partners business needs are not met

MBME offer a dedicated, in-house customer and technical support team operating alongside our team of highly trained, in-field technicians. We place our territories into zones to ensure complete coverage across all areas - no matter how remote. This limits downtime to ensure optimum up-time from our kiosks and services during your own operational hours. Our first, second and third line maintenance levels allow remote management and assessment, specialist on-site diagnosis and emergency repair of our kiosks.

Kiosk management

Kiosk Studio is our proprietary kiosk management solution.

Kiosk Studio represents the most powerful and flexible kiosk management solution on the market.

Flexibility of multiple controls and reports backed by full EMV, PCI and PCI-DSS approvals provide a robust and proven solution to manage large node kiosk estates. Full, real-time, statistical reporting provides detailed financial analysis and constant tracking of the commercial performance from all services and kiosks.

Detailed maintenance tools provide real-time analysis of kiosks and all integrated peripherals with a real-time alert system to ensure the highest operational service levels are maintained.

All content is securely ‘pushed’ to the kiosks, individually, by service or by group, providing a powerful and flexible tool to manage a growing or established kiosk estate.

Kiosk Studio allows our clients to track the required aspects of their own solution and is established, trusted and adaptable to support multiple projects. An extensive range of management information reports are readily available and bespoke requirements can be offered when required.



MBME Solutions are managed and maintained from our regional support centres offering continuous, real-time monitoring and technical support from our dedicated support teams. Full estate visibility can make or break a project. Operational efficiency is paramount to the success of your kiosk estate so how do you monitor what you can’t see?

Each of your kiosks are connected to Kiosk Studio to allow remote monitoring via a positive heartbeat that pulsates data by individual kiosk, client or across the entire estate.

Transactional and revenue reports

Success and growth are also driven by transactions and usage. Real-time transactional and revenue reports can be provided via Kiosk Studio to allow analysis by nominated team members supported by a secure login system.

Performance reports

Visibility of performance reports on-demand or auto-generated over specified periods gives our clients real-time, instant access to their solutions and services. Data can then be manipulated to feed the relevant reports vital to your business.

Reports include 

  • Individual hardware status
  • Number of hardware faults
  • Consumables monitoring
  • Kiosk availability
  • Network performance