MBME services

All MBME services can be tailored to a specific brand image whilst retaining the user simplicity of a kiosk application. Alternatively if there are additions you wish to add in we can adapt these requirements to a bespoke MBME Kiosk Solution to meet business objectives and reach out to customers via a new route to market.

The Cube

The Cube is the brand name of our multi-service payment kiosk. Capable of hosting an endless range of payment services, The Cube is designed to meet the growing needs of the self-service payment market.

With limited retail space and a growing need to accommodate the complete needs of customers, host clients may struggle to find ways of expanding their current service offering due to a lack of space or resource to contract, develop and source new products and services.

Benefits to retailers

  • Multiple services in one single kiosk.
  • 24hr access to all MBME services
  • Add 30+ new services overnight - all available in one, single kiosk.
  • Benefit from new services launched every month 
  • Promotion of the host location as an outlet for The Cube by MBME billers
  • Avoid or reduce cash processing fees – direct bill payments to The Cube
  • Free staff time to allow them to target higher value product sales
  • Instantly introduce an incremental revenue stream
  • Become an MBME kiosk host partner and launch The Cube in your venue today

Benefits to consumers

  • One-stop-shop for all your payment needs
  • Avoid multiple visits to biller offices – pay all your bills at The Cube
  • Choose from over 700+ locations across the UAE
  • UAE wide – presence in all Emirates
  • Multi-lingual and simple user interface
  • 24hr access to all services
  • No more queues at the counter
  • Pay by cash or card
  • View all the MBME billers and The Cube locator now

Benefits to billers

  • Increase customer convenience with 700+ touch points available to your customers 
  • UAE wide – presence in all Emirates
  • Activate your kiosk service in remote areas where payment channels are limited
  • Grow national presence via branded services
  • Istant store extension without opening a new location
  • Increase competitive advantage with increased touch points
  • Become an MBME kiosk biller and launch your service across our kiosk estate