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The Cube is a revolutionary, one-stop, unique self-service kiosk. The only kiosk in the UAE with more than 30 utility, transport, telecoms, charity and payment services - The Cube makes life simpler!

Combining vital billers with everyday services The Cube is user friendly, multi-lingual and regularly updated with new services offering efficiency and convenience.

Attract customers to your venue by launching The Cube today.


The Cube - self-service without limits!

How to activate your services on an MBME kiosk

Boost your customer service and payment accessibility overnight by launching your payment service on an MBME kiosk.

With our team's worldwide experience in payment provision we can integrate into your own systems to allow real-time payments and instant updates to your in-house systems.

Increase your reach by adding over 700 touch points to your customers with a new channel via the MBME kiosk network. 

Attract new customers and retain current customers by adding your service to an MBME kiosk today.

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